The effects of whale watching vessels on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) behaviour and welfare

Author: Tianna Grant
Published: 2019
Description: This paper investigates the effects of the presence of whale watching vessels on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) behaviour and discusses the welfare implications on the species.

Identifying modifiable risk factors contributing to musculoskeletal injury in thoroughbred racehorses

Author: Max Lloyd
Published: 2019
Description: A review of recent studies focused on identifying risk factors contributing to race day musculoskeletal injury in thoroughbred racehorses. Further avenues of research have also been highlighted.

Shelters increase lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) welfare when used appropriately as a biological control method in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) aquaculture

Author: Josh McClelland
Published: 2019
Description: Assessing the welfare implications of using shelters in lumpfish husbandry in salmon production.

Leg weakness in broilers: an ever-present welfare concern

Author: Jessica Leigh
Published: 2019
Description: Investigates ways of producing fewer leg disorders in commercial meat chickens.

Environmental enrichment and the prevention of tail biting in weaner pigs

Author: Genevieve Corman
Published: 2019
Description: Discusses recent studies in the use of environmental enrichment as a preventative measure against tail biting in undocked weaner pigs.

Marmoset wasting syndrome in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): developments in aetiology and diagnosis of captive individuals

Author: Dominique McAllister
Published: 2019
Description: Investigates recent developments regarding the aetiology and diagnosis of marmoset wasting syndrome in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus).

An investigation of current trends in cattle dehorning and their impact on calf welfare

Author: Danielle Allman
Published: 2019
Description: Discusses current best practice for pain management during calf dehorning using topical and buccal anaesthetics and analgesics; also discusses the most appropriate age for this husbandry procedure.

The effect of herd size on welfare indicators in dairy cows

Author: Daniel Poletto
Published: 2019
Description: This essay analyses recent research into the implications of herd size on animal welfare in the dairy industry.

The live export of Merino sheep – a welfare and economical dilemma for Australia

Author: Alexander Teh
Published: 2019
Description: A discussion of recent welfare concerns for Merino sheep exported from Australia, their implications for the live export industry, and recommendations for future voyages.

Chewing enrichment items in shelter and laboratory environments: an analysis of their use by domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and their implications for welfare

Author: Van Arkel, Alicia
Published: 2018
Description: A discussion of contemporary chew enrichment items and their potential in kennel environments for stress relief and expression of positive and normal behaviours

Recent developments made in reducing the prevalence of catastrophic fractures in racehorses

Author: Pockett, Jessica
Published: 2018
Description: Investigates recent developments made in identifying reliable pre-fracture markers and screening tests to detect horses at greater risk of fracture and reduce the incidence of euthanasia associated with catastrophic fracture

Tight nosebands: can they cause harm?

Author: Griffin, Renae
Published: 2018
Description: Discusses the welfare implications associated with overly tightened nosebands in competition horses

Improving sow and piglet welfare from prepartum to weaning

Author: Todd, Amanda
Published: 2018
Description: Discusses housing conditions that can be used to improve welfare of both sows and piglets

Canine Fear, Anxiety and Aggression: Treatment options & welfare implications for domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)

Author: Vera, Cynthia Cricri
Published: 2016
Description: Multiple treatment options relating to canine fear, anxiety and aggression

The potential for external lesions measured during meat inspection to be used as an indicator of on-farm pig welfare

Author: Crerar, Elizabeth
Published: 2016
Description: External lesions as an indicator for on-farm pig welfare

Assessing Pain in Horses Using Facial Management

Author: Gibbs, Georgia
Published: 2016
Description: Assessing pain in horses by using facial recognition

The Great Australian ‘Icon’ or Great Australian ‘Pest’?

Author: Gonzalez, Anna
Published: 2016
Description: Welfare implications of population management strategies for the Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Managing separation anxiety in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris)

Author: Gerber, Laura
Published: 2016
Description: Separation anxiety in domestic dogs

Welfare of Teleosts in Transit: Advances in Stress Minimisation Techniques in the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author: Grima, Michael Anthony
Published: 2016
Description: Management of transit-induced stress in rainbow trout

Recent advances in the welfare of domestic cats (Felis catus) in animal shelters

Author: Jobbins, Sarah Elizabeth
Published: 2016
Description: Welfare of domestic cats in shelters

Developments in Euthanasia Protocols for Laboratory Mice (Mus musculus)

Author: Thomas, Zoe
Published: 2015
Description: Discusses recent research on the aversiveness of euthanasia agents isoflurane and carbon dioxide in mice and the reliability of insensibility measures.

Developments in the Use of Meloxicam as Pre-operative Pain Relief during Surgical Castration of Piglets

Author: Wo, Shelley
Published: 2015
Description: Discusses the issue of surgical castration without pain mitigation and explores possible methods of pain relief to improve piglet welfare. RSPCA Australia Pig Welfare Science Prize 2015

Captive Asian Elephant Welfare: Recent Research into Training and Handling Methods

Author: Elliott, Samantha
Published: 2015
Description: This paper explores recent research into the welfare benefits possible for captive Asian Elephants with alternatives to traditional elephant training and handling methods.

Improving the Welfare of Australian Stock-herding Dogs

Author: Davis, Rosemary
Published: 2015
Description: An investigation into improving stock herding-dog welfare by using environmental factors and genetics to predict training success rates, thereby minimising wastage.

Farrowing Systems for Sows: Are Farrowing Crates really the Best Way?

Author: Fernando, Nichelle
Published: 2015
Description: Some studies suggest that free-housing systems may allow sows to achieve higher rates of piglet survival.

Welfare Issues in Free-range Laying Systems

Author: Atkins, Monique
Published: 2015
Description: Explores the risk factors associated with feather-pecking in free-range systems and strategies to reduce its prevalence.

Advances in the Use of Meloxicam as an Effective Means of Analgesia in Pig Production

Author: Cleary, Lyndon
Published: 2015
Description: Transmammary Meloxicam supplementation may be a practical means of pain relief to suckling piglets prior to painful procedures.

Refining Pain Relief during Lamb Castration and Tail-docking

Author: Pickett, Holly
Published: 2015
Description: Explores increasing welfare concerns about less-than-ideal pain relief being given to young lambs (Ovis aries) during basic husbandry procedures.

Orally Manipulable Objects may help Reduce Tail-biting during Pig Development

Author: Chorazy, Hayley
Published: 2015
Description: This essay reviews recent demonstrations of reduced tail-biting in slatted-floor housing systems when low-cost orally manipulable materials are provided.

Importance of the Stockperson: Good Human-animal Relationships on Pig Farms

Author: Dwyer, Genevieve
Published: 2015
Description: Training handlers in awareness of animal welfare may be the most powerful factor in improving both production and welfare.